Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Fun day!

I love Sundays! And today feels like spring... finally! 78 degrees outside. I felt springy today so I decided to color block some bright, fun colors.

The shirt is from Old Navy, and the skirt I got at Burlington Coat Factory. The pink tank top is something I've had in my closet for years!

These great shoes are BCBGirls. I got them a while back at DSW in the sale room... always look at the sales first!

Here are some great tips for color blocking:

1. Use solid colors. Some prints can also work, but it usually looks best with solids.

2. Use at least 3 different colors. First you want to pick two colors that are opposite on the color wheel and then one to compliment. For example, orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel. Pink is the complimentary color to orange. Or you can go with three colors next to each other, for example, blue, purple and pink.

3. If you want to throw in a bag or a belt, stay with neutral colors like black, white, tan or brown.

4. If you are doing bright colors, make sure they're all bright. If you are doing pastels, make sure they are all pastel.

Play with colors and see how they look. It really is different for everyone depending on your skin tone and what is pleasing to your eye.

Be colorful and let that light shine!

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  1. LOVE the colorblocking going on here! AND those heels? ADORABLE!!

    1. Thank you Ana! :) Not only are they cute, but comfy too. I'm all about being comfortable!!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping my blog today! I am loving those shoes, they kind of remind me of the Prabal Gurung pumps. You are color blocking like a of my favorite things to do!

    The Serena Saga

    1. Thanks Serena!! So glad we connected!