Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ease into Neon

If you haven't noticed by now, neons are everywhere! Clothes, shoes, accessories, even Sharpies! If you've been afraid to try wearing it, be afraid no more! Here's some tips to help you add some brightness to your outfit.

Now I'm not one to wear a lot of black in the summer, but I knew that black would really make this color stand out!

If you're afraid to try a bright shirt all by itself, layer it underneath something. I layered this top with a lace moto jacket. This jacket is great for warm weather! It breathes well since it is lace. You can find one in black or white here

If you are still afraid to try a lot of brightness at once, start small. Wear a neon scarf with the same color neon sandals. Or use a neon purse. You can even go smaller and start with an accessory like a watch, or headband.

This top is great for layering. It's loose, comfy, and cool. Great for when you feel bloated and blah… if you know what I mean ;)

 This maxi skirt I found on sale at Dillard's a while back for $12! It it kind of long though, so I had to wear my highest heels with it. Just FYI, if you have a Dillard's in your area, my sister in law told me that they're having a big sale this week. In fact, I'm sure most stores will be having a sale soon since they need to start moving out all the spring/summer clothes and bringing in the fall clothes. Keep an eye out!

 * Jacket & top: Forever 21 * Skirt & shoes: Dillard's *


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  1. Your blog is wonderful. You prove that modesty can be colorful and stylish.