Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seeing Spots

I really feel like I'm seeing spots today. I do not feel well at all. But, as my teacher friends know, it's easier to suck it up and go to school than it is to plan for a sub. So, I got dressed super comfy and went to school.

I am loving these tie front shirts. I've seen them all over. At first I was very wary of trying it on. But, once it was on, it looked super cute! I got this one at Macy's a while back. Here's a similar shirt in mint green that I would love to own! This shirt is also great because the fabric is thin. I have worn it with a long sleeve shirt in winter, and today I wore it with a tank top since it was a warmer.

Black skirts are a staple in every woman's closet and this one is a twist on the classic black skirt. The ruffles give it a fun vibe. I got this one at Target more than a couple of years ago :) Here is another cute ruffle skirt from Target that would look great on anyone!

These shoes are AH-mazing!! They are my other favorite pair to wear besides these. The brand is called Sofft. They have a small kitten heel, which is great to give me some height. But, unlike other heels, these do NOT hurt to wear all day! They are VERY comfortable and VERY worth the price! But, lucky for you, this Mary Jane style is on sale right now here!! These are also available in leopard print. Too cute! I was pretty excited to see all of the great Spring sandals on their website! I know the price looks a little steep but for someone who is on their feet all day, it is worth it!

Pray that I feel better quick! Ain't nobody got time to be sick!


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  1. Love the polka dots Niece! Love seeing what you come up with. So proud of you.